New Jersey Lottery “Happy” Commercial. Styled by Alexa O’Neill, using real lottery winner’s personal wardrobe. A very fun commercial to work on!

Production Company: Shadowbox Pictures

Agency: Brushfire

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2014 has not been a big year for movie designs, but in my free time, I like to create cosplay costumes. Here are a few status photos of my Ryuko Matoi costume from Otakon 2014. Uniform is a bottomweight cotton with satin ribbon, leather, satin and broadcloth details. Glove is made from vinyl, foam, and Sculpey lightweight clay. Scissor blade is pink insulation foam that I carved, sanded, gessoed, then painted. Wig by Arda Wigs, styled by me.  

Professional photos by Devin Crawford @ Splashing Lights photography. 

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Alexa O'Neill on Instagram

No Cost Cosplay props: In an effort to constantly update my old costumes, I made a proper chainsaw prop for my Ash costume. Made from an existing toy, laundry detergent container, worbla scraps, and paint. Here’s a few shots of it in action at Monster Mania horror convention last month. :)

Mold-making example for a cosplay commission. I use all Smooth-on plastic products for my molds. Ms. Fortune accessory commission for Elisha.


I spend my time off from making other people’s cosplay costumes by making my own! 🙊 Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, WIP.

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Snow day cosplay! Female version of Auron from the video game Final Fantasy X, work in progress. Made from all my back stock of fabric from other clients’ costumes, old college fabric, and whatever I had around. More photos to come upon completion. :)

Wig work. Kuja from the Final Fantasy 9 video game. Work in Process.

Original wig from The Five Wits:

Synthetic Hiperlon-fiber wig. Styled with hairspray and hot tools. Tinted with prismacolor and copic markers to achieve custom colors for dimension. 

Another happy Cosplay customer. Client contacted me last minute saying he needed a Yuuki Terumi cloak from the fighting game BlazBlue for NEC. These are the results! 

Made with: Cotton broadcloath, foam, satin, digitally printed iron on transfers, worbla thermoplastic, acrylic paint.